Monday, February 2, 2015

1990 - Mori Annexe - Exhibition of Miniatures

Saturday 7th July 1990 at 4pm … La Seat, La Rose Chair, La Sofa, La Throne, La Easy Chair, La Scotts Sofa (purchase by Little Nell), La Reading Chair and La Green Chesterfield.. 'Mother et Child' was given to my sister on the birth of her tiny daughter who was premature…

Artist's included were
Simon Blau, Peter Cooley, Maria Cruz, Debra Dawes, Adrienne Gaha, Clinton Garfano, Matthy's Gerber, Louise Hearman, Louise Heilpern, Tim Johnson, Narelle Jubelin, Christian Lapie, Jennifer McCamley, Ewen McDonald, Fiona MacDonald, me, Tim Maguire, Margaret Morgan, Susan Norrie, Alexandra Pearce, Jacky Redgate, Scott Redford, Carole Roberts, Deborah Russell, Paul Saint, Stefan Sehler, Robyn Stacey, Steve Smith, Sarah de Teliga, Jelle van den Berg, Judy Watson and Toni Warburton…

First exhibition at the new Mori space, the grand wall was 55meters long…

1990 - Churchie Emerging Art Prize, Anglican Church Grammar School, Brisbane

Not yet do I have any proper photo's of the work.. It's a work in progress to get all the slides converted to digital.. We live in hope..!!

1989 - Churchie Emerging Art Prize, Anglican Church Grammar School, Brisbane

First time I got 'Highly Commended' and it was for a Chair.. So cool!!

1989 - Glamourpussy Studio Show, Dunstan House, Brisbane

Just for a short intermission I was known as Fleur de La Bono just for a bit of fun… Fleurtation Chair and Fleurescher Chair appeared..

1989 - Solo - La Banana e Buono - Young Artist's Gallery, M.O.C.A., Brisbane

A wild and wonderful ride with Rhana Devonport… Fleurtation Chair, Fleurescher Chair, small cane table and 2 small ports.. 

1988 - Anything That Moves - Young Artist Gallery - M.O.C.A., Brisbane

A number of Artist's involved but sadly can't remember who they were, I had two pieces in this show…
'Birthday Chair' and 'Wooden Foot Stool', both gouache on wood...

1988 - BBC Art Prize - Queensland Art Gallery

This was a fun exhibition to be part of, 'Birthday Chair' sadly no photo as it sold on the night and was picked up by it's new owner at the end of the show...

1988 - Solo - Crocadillo - Princess Theatre, Brisbane

There was a number of works I had in this Solo at the lovely Princess Theatre in Brisbane which I volunteered to work on during the renovations.

6 small gouache paintings on paper, a camera box, wall cupboard which was a commission, Big Cane Chair (pictured), a wooden pot stand and a wooden foot stool.

1988 - Solo - Fleurniture - Young Artist's Gallery, M.O.C.A., Brisbane

Third Solo, second for 1988.. Fleurniture Chair, man's dressing table, wooden pot stand, Big wooden port (pictured at top) and 5 small wooden ports (middle picture). 

The bottom picture is from a small article in Follow me magazine, November 1989...