Tuesday, January 3, 2012

1987 - Modern Objects - Mori Gallery - Sydney

My sister Fiona MacDonald with 'Lady Blue'chair and her cat Nu in Follow me's Aug/Sept 1988 issue.

'Funk Furniture' by Peter Roach for the Sydney Morning Herald, Thursday February 26th 1987

This show curated by Fiona MacDonald was in fact the first show I was in outside Brisbane, it gave me an opportunity to meet other artists in the field of art furniture or installation pieces and opened my eyes.  A wonderful experience which includes dealing with interstate transport companies.

Artists included - Brigitte Bountry, Liesje Clement, Peter Cooley, Clinton Garofano, David Hawkes, Andrew Jackson, James Kutasi, Fiona MacDonald, Fleur MacDonald and Laurence Vichie.

17th February - 7th March 1987